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Tree Services in Valrico

Brandon, Valrico, Lithia, and Apollo Beach Tree Services

Dangerous Tree Removal

Dangerous Tree Removal

Tree Service Valrico | JW Tree Service
Tree Service Valrico | JW Tree Service

Hazardous Tree Removal & Tree Cutting

Tree Service Valrico | JW Tree Service

Tree Trimming

Tree Pruning, Canopy Reduction and Palm Tree Trimming
Tree Service Valrico | JW Tree Service

Tree Service Valrico | JW Tree Service

After Disaster Clean Up

Storm Clean Up and Disaster Recovery
Tree Service Valrico | JW Tree Service

Tree Service Valrico | JW Tree Service

Stump Removal

Stump Grinding
Tree Service Valrico | JW Tree Service

About our Tree Service in Valrico

JW Tree Service: Experienced Tree Removal and Trimming for Hillsborough County

JW Tree service in Valrico, FL is a trusted name in Tree trimming since 2004. Tim Bracewell built the company up to make it a leader in the tree trimming & removal industry in the Hillsborough County area winning the Best of Florida Award in 2012. Now, Lithia resident, Troy Alexander owns and manages JW Tree Service continuing the tradition of excellent customer service, affordable pricing, and professional results.

Tree Service in Valrico

Tree Removal and Tree Trimming Brandon, Lithia, and Valrico, Florida

Trees are a beautiful and environmentally friendly addition to any property, but sometimes they become too much of a good thing. If they are not taken care of properly, branches can extend so far that they scratch windows or cars. Trees can also drop leaves and acorns everywhere, and sometimes they can even get sick. If your trees aren’t kept at a reasonable size, they could quickly turn from an asset into a liability. Our tree service in Valrico, FL, stops that from happening. We trim all kinds of trees, including palm trees, for homes and businesses.

You can count on our family owned, licensed, and insured business to get the job done the way it should be—optimizing your tree’s health and aesthetic while keeping you safe. After more than 13 years of experience in tree trimming, we know how to maintain any tree’s health, shape, and stability while keeping it attractive too. We strive to keep our pricing affordable and offer a free estimate on any tree work job so there are no surprises.

Our Tree Service Helps Your Trees and Everyone Around Them

The idea of cutting the branches may sound like it would hurt the tree, but in fact the opposite is true. Trimming infected or diseased parts before they can spread keeps trees healthy. Plus, if you opt for canopy reduction or crown thinning, you’ll likely find that the airflow is improved by not having so many branches and leaves in the way. This allows for nice breezes to reach you and your visitors, especially on hot summer days.

When guests or customers come to visit you, make sure they don’t have to duck under or fight their way through unruly branches that block their path. Call our tree trimming team to prevent this problem and ensure your property retains its visual appeal.

Benefits of choosing JW Tree Service

  1. In the tree trimming business over 13 years
  2. Licensed and Insured
  3. Specializing in Dangerous Tree Removal
  4. Safe and Experienced Crews
  5. 23/7 Emergency service


We’re Family owned and operated. So we have to mention our son’s business Dent Houdini. He is an excellent auto body specialist and can take dents and dings out of your car. He is local to Fishhawk so if your car was in a fender bender check out Dent Houdini.

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Tree Trimming in Valrico FL and the Surrounding Areas

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At JW Tree Service, tree trimming and tree removal estimates are always free. Please fill out the form and a tree specialist will work with you to provide a fair estimate for all your tree removal and trimming needs.

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These guys do awesome work! They are very reliable. I’ve used them several different times and would highly recommend JW Tree Service.

Stefano R.

Thanks so much! That Tree should have gone years ago, but we thought would require additional tree planting.